Anne Louise Gillilan

Artist’s Statement

I have pursued art in many forms over the years, finding expression in clay, paper, paint, pencil, fiber and thread, often mixing mediums to express ideas. Through my studies in art and design and embroidery with City & Guilds of London at the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center in Mt Vernon, Washington, I developed a love of using the needle to express my art.

I find great joy in taking words, thoughts, lyrics, visual inspiration and depicting them, transformed into an expression with thread and fiber. I use the needle of my machine as if it were a pencil, sketching and moving it across the fabric freely, revealing images. Each piece is custom designed, a unique expression of the imagery.

I am a textile artist because I love the feel of fabric, the shimmer of the colors, the texture, and the transformation it undergoes when it is manipulated, pieced and embroidered. I love the story I can tell with fabric and thread, as well as the process of creating the story. Although each person will experience my art in a way that is appropriate for them, my objective and desire in creating art is to create something that will arouse the viewer’s interest, and build a desire in them to interact with my art.


Anne Louise

Anne Louise Gillilan